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the mentor's Discipleship handbook $1.99

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Learn from the ups and downs, in and outs, along with the doubts, of the Christian life from one who gives testimony of God's workmanship in his life. Learn what it is to be redeemed, healed, and delivered by a gracious loving heavenly Father who loved us so much that he sent Jesus to come, dwell among us, and take our place in judgment.

1) Growth & Development

2) Life described in the Exodus.

3) Overcoming life's giants.

4) Understanding the gift of salvation.

5) Blessings and curses.

6) Handling the "whys" of life.

7) World without end.

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The predetermined election $1.99

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The concept of “freedom” is over rated, in that no one is ever free. Freedom is predicated upon compliance with a set of rules. We are constrained by a variety of forces that keeps us constrained; physically, mentally, and spiritually. God satisfies all of these constraints, through His earthly representative, Jesus Christ.

* The Example of Job

* The Election of people

* For the sake of His  "elect".

* The suffering of the elect.

* The election of saints.

* The sovereignty of God.

* Apologetics

* The election of God's sovereign will.

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The impartation of miraculous power, into a vessel of clay.

The mystery of identity plays a significant part in our everyday lives. A craftsman knows his craft and has confidence in his skill, because of his experience. But if the craftsman developed amnesia and forgot who he was; to hand him a tool and ask him to perform his craft would be catastrophic; emotionally and physically. To the extent that we are committed to our identity, we work and sacrifice; gaining a level of success and reputation. When others agree that we are skillful, our reputation or identity is established and our success is extended beyond the local clientele.

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on the book of life $2.99

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Can you be added to the book of life? Can you be removed from the book of life? What does it mean to be chosen? Knowing what spirit you are of brings boldness and confidence, in the individual's life. In a world of confusion and misunderstanding there should be a solid rock upon which one can draw for strength through any trial; it is the Book of Life.

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